Depending on what type of Project we will be working on, we can change the parameters to customize the Form Builder to fit our needs. The types of specialized projects that are supported on Dharma are: hierarchical, time series, and longitudinal projects. 

Beginning from the organization home, select or create a project you will be working on. For now, let's select Supplies Request to see how parameters should look for a basic form. 

We'll then be taken to the project home, where we can click on Project Settings

Next, select Parameters

This is how parameters should look untouched, for a basic form, with No marked on both of the questions listed. A single instance survey will have this structure.

Now, let's dive into changing parameters for different project types:

Hierarchical Projects

We may need a hierarchical project in instances where data needs to be collected in different levels of hierarchy, where lower-level units can be organized under higher-level units. A common example of this can be Household Surveys, where data is first collected at a household level, then at an individual level for each member within a specific household. You can find more information regarding hierarchical projects in the Hierarchical Data Collection article. 

To modify parameters for hierarchical projects, select Yes on the first question asking to specify a hierarchical structure to your project

We'll then see two lines appear, signifying the different levels of data collection. The first level will automatically be named the project title. However, we can always edit the name by selecting the pencil icon to the right. Let's write Individuals for the second level.  Once you are done, click Save, and we are done! 

Time Series Projects

Time series projects are simply basic projects where you would like to see trends over time. Let's look back to our Political Polling project we created on our  Time Series Projects article. 

Underneath the second question, where it asks do you want to track data over time, select Yes

We'll see more options appear below and can also make a preference on how often we would like to collect data: daily, weekly, or monthly.

Longitudinal Projects

Longitudinal projects are needed when there are repeated observations made of a subject(i.e people, facilities) over time. In Longitudinal Projects we make a project named Facilities Management. There are two levels and types of forms. The first level has the enrollment form, which is the intake form taken only once, then there is the longitudinal form. This form at the second level that will be taken several time over the course of a given period.

To change parameters to fit a longitudinal project, select Yes on the second question asking to track data over time

Then, select Yes again for the question asking are you keeping records of individuals or items over time.

This is how the parameter settings should look for a longitudinal project!

Basic Forms

There are also simple forms collected at a simple point in time, where parameters will not need to be modified.

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