Here is a quick start guide on what features you will have access to as a researcher! 

User Role Definition

A researcher will mainly have access to the Results feature of the platform and will be able to make changes to viewing results such as modifying visuals, adding comparisons, filtering, and exporting results.

Work Flow

Once you log on to the Dharma Platform, you'll be brought to your organization home. We can see projects listed on the left hand side that we are involved in any user role capacity. Let's select Greece Primary Health Care Clinics. 

Within the project, the Project Home displays a summary of a few project details. 

After selecting Results, we'll see a view of the project summary  

Scroll down to see charts per question

To download the raw data, click on the down arrow button on the top right corner, and select your file type. To download raw data, select one of the three options: ‘Export Excel Workbook’, ‘Export Coded CSV’, or ‘Export Named CSV’. If you would like to export the graphs as you see on the webpage, select ‘Export PDF’. 

Continued Reading

For a full document of Results functions, see here

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